Hansel and Grettel

Kasey’s review of: Hansel and Grettel
Author: Vick Parcker
Genre: Non-Fiction

The book is full of story’s i like Hansel and Gretel the best.I like it the best because it is loads of fun and it is a bit sceary. And it is very exiting I don’t like the witch because she is very mean and tries to take the children.

The Witches

Lexi’s review of: The Witches
Author: Roald Dahl
Genre: Fiction

The book is about witches and there’s a little boy who learns how to spot a witch.My Auntie Vorn and my Mum would want to read it because they like to listen to me.I disliked the bit when the Grand
High Witch turned the little children into old,grey mice and they looked disgusting. I liked the bit when the little boy tries to save his friend Bruno because the witches turned Bruno into a mouse aswell.Yes it is a fiction book.

charlie and the chocolate factory

OA’s review of: charlie and the chocolate factory
Author: Roald Dahl
Genre: Fiction

My book is about a little boy called charlie bucket trying to win the golden ticket.People that like Roald Dahl will love this book because it is funny,interesting and on the book it says voted the UK’s no.1 favorite author it has 30 chapters and 190 pages I liked when they went up and out at the end. I didn’t like when slug worth asked for the ever lasting gob stopper this is a fiction book it will BLOW YOUR MIND!