Tower Wood 2018

Date of visit: 21/02/2018
Class or year group: Year 5
Venue or visitor’s name: Tower Wood Outdoor Education Centre, Windermere

A group of 45 intrepid Year 5 pupils faced many challenges during 3 days at Tower Wood. They had an amazing time learning how to get along with other people from their year group, facing their fears and exploring new adventures. Activities they tried included kayaking, sailing, canoeing, high ropes, climbing, toasting marshmallows, bush craft, making popcorn and everyone visited Cathedral Quarry. We stayed in wonderful accommodation by the lake and had some fantastic food. Billy thought the chips would have been even better with salt! A few daring people even rose to the challenge of jumping from the end of the jetty after showing the staff they could walk into the cold water and getting wet. Jasmine thought Tower Wood was an exciting place in Windermere.


What the children said:

Isobel really liked the kayaking because “I got to control it on my own without other people telling me which way to paddle.”
Myli’s favourite part was the high ropes and was surprised how hard it was to climb up. She reported “It looked really easy when I was watching the others but when I was up there it was not as easy as it seemed. I was pleased with myself and how far I got.”
Daisy felt that one of her best bits was jumping in the lake as she was already wet – (she got wet in her sailing boat when it nearly tipped over). Daisy thought “It looked fun when the others were jumping in.” Her other best bit was sailing. She reported “I was in a boat with Tyler. We went way too fast and nearly fell out of the boat!”
Billy enjoyed all of his activities and said “The best part after the activities was the food.”
Jasmine’s favourite bit was canoeing because “We all had to stick together and united as a whole team.”
Erin’s described her favourite part of the trip as “When we walked into Cathedral Quarry and saw the huge pile of rocks and the window above. It was amazing!”

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