Mr Main’s review of: Cool
Author: Michael Morpurgo
Genre: Fiction

Cool is the best Children’s book I’ve ever read. It was written by the author Michael Morpurgo about ten years ago and is based on the true story of an Italian boy who ended up in a coma after being hit by a car. In this story, the main character Robbie is hit by a car chasing while he is chasing after his dog Lucky. Robbie slips into a coma and the rest of the book is written from his point of view lying in hospital, thinking, listening and even smelling but unable to talk or move.
I love this book because in the middle of a real life tragedy, the author includes lots of humour. I particularly like how Robbie refers to the doctor treating him as Doctor Smellybreath. Robbie doesn’t lose his sense of humour despite the tragedy of his situation.
There is a terrific happy ending when Robbie emerges out of his coma when his dog licks him in his hospital bed without the nurses knowing.