Whole School Curriculum

We want all our children to be independent learners, resourceful and curious, willing and unafraid to take risks and to be aware of their own capabilities and those of others they need to work with.

All children are capable of creative achievement in some area of activity provided the conditions are right and they have acquired the relevant knowledge and skills.  At Lancaster Road School we provide opportunities for all children to succeed according to their own strengths and abilities by teaching key skills and encouraging children to apply their knowledge and skills in creative ways.

Children are encouraged to use their imagination, be flexible, curious, trust in their own senses, be open to new ideas and have the ability to work on ideas and address problems in different ways. They learn to work in partnership with other children and to contribute openly to achieve common objectives.

Children in Nursery and Reception follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum.  The National Curriculum, which forms part of our school curriculum, is used to plan learning. Children in Years 1 to 6 cover the National Curriculum in:






Art & Design


Design & Technology

Physical Education


Languages.  French is the language we have chosen to  introduce to the children from an early age and teach throughout Key Stage 2.

Children are also taught Religious Education, which follows the Lancashire Agreed Syllabus and PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education).

Further details of each classes’ topic can be found on the half termly newsletter, copies of which can be found on this website.

We have developed our school curriculum to make it exciting, fun and a brilliant way to develop the children’s skills to be successful independent learners.  Our curriculum is built to support the children’s development of values and attributes that they need to be successful in learning and in life.

The curriculum centres around stimulating and exciting topics, through which the children’s learning is planned. Each topic involves a number of subject areas from the National Curriculum, which link to the topic. Many topics are also complemented by trips, visitors to school or experiences which are planned to enrich the curriculum and extend learning.

We celebrate our topics with vibrant classroom and school displays which encourage the children to be fully involved with their learning journey.

Subject areas which don’t fit within a topic are taught discretely, sometimes alongside a topic and sometimes in a ‘block’, for example a Religious Education day.

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