Indoor Athletes Qualify for Lancashire Championships

On Friday 12th December the combined Indoor Athletics squad won the District Title by 4 points ahead of Torrisholme to qualify for the Lancashire Championships on March 4th in Accrington! It was a terrific performance by the team of 24 children which featured five newcomers, two sisters and our youngest ever female indoor athlete. Mr Main and Mr Wetton were thrilled with the way they competed and supported each other throughout the event.

The team was made up of these children….

Year 6:

Oliver Jordan, Alex Macmillan, Kyle Calvert, Tham Thevathas, Hayden Ellis, Luke Barmby, Kyle Elliott, Jason Marsh, Samantha Craven, Aimee Wilkinson, Ellie Jo Woods, Ellie Bryan, Phoebe Owen, Mianne Nevin, Morgan Sutherland

Year 5:

Harvey Ogley, Mani Davidson, Liam Birch, Aimee Quill, Emily Sim, Laura Cowell, Isabella Stretch, Aleisha Woods

Year 4:

Charlie Pearcy

Four fastest times were recorded in running events.The Girls obstacle relay squad of Mianne, Isabella, Laura and Aimee W won in 1min 32, and this win was matched by the Boys Obstacle relay quartet of Liam, Harvey, Alex and Kyle C in 1min 26. Kyle was also a winner with Oliver in the 2+2 relay in 49 seconds, and Oliver completed a fabulous team effort with a victory along with Alex in the 1+1 relay in 24 seconds.

There were some notable individual performances in the non running events. Oliver had the best long jump of the 21 athletes with 2.08m, and also leapt the longest in triple jump with 5.98m. Alex had the third furthest chest push out of 21 boys with 6.75m

Samantha recorded the second highest score in vertical jump with 41cm and Isabella also placed 2nd out of 21 girls in speed bounce with a super score of 48. The diminutive Emily placed first in the javelin comfortably with an excellent throw of 14.50m.

Four of the y6 athletes, Aimee, Oliver, Phoebe and Samantha have the chance to win the Lancashire title for a second  time after their victory while in y5 last year at Blackpool in Feb 2014. All 24 of these winning athletes will compete again and may be joined by one or two newcomers. A free coach will be booked for the squad, to be shared with the Lancaster Champions Moorside, which will be available for parents too at a small cost.