School Dinners

School dinners are free of charge for all children in Keystage 1 (Reception , Year 1 and Year 2) and currently cost £2.10 for all children in Key Stage 2 (Years 3-6).

Lunchtime for children in Reception will be between 11.45am-12.45pm, for children in Years 1-4 lunchtime will be between 12pm–1pm and for Years 5 and 6 lunchtime will be between 12.15pm-1.15pm. Our School Cook Mr Norfolk and his team work hard to provide nutritious, healthy hot lunches and packed lunches which children love to eat! All meals are freshly prepared on site each day.

Teachers take the dinner register during morning registration and children are offered a choice each day from 2 hot meals (one vegetarian) or a packed lunch. Packed lunches will comprise a sandwich, two portions of fruit or veg, a yoghurt/pudding, healthy snack and/or healthy crisps and a healthy drink (sugar free juice or water). Your child can choose what they would like as a sandwich filling from tuna, ham, cheese or egg.

Menus are sent home regularly via email and are available on the website under Parents’ Information. School dinners will be eaten as a class in the dining hall and your class will have their own Welfare Assistant.

Packed Lunches from Home

If you choose not to have a hot dinner from school or a school packed lunch then you can send your child in with their own packed lunch. It is important that this is a healthy lunch with at least two portions of fruit/veg. Fizzy drinks are not allowed and chocolate and sweets are not encouraged. We are a nut free school and nut and foods containing nut products are not allowed in school.

Fruit – In line with the NHS policy for healthy schools all Key Stage 1 children are provided with a piece of fruit each day. This is free of charge and the children will have ‘fruit time’ as part of their daily routine.

Drinks – If your child does not have school milk a drink from home will need to be provided in a named clear bottle each day. Fizzy pop or pure fruit juice is not allowed and water or sugar free juice is encouraged.