Community & Fundraising

Lancaster Road School has been serving the community since 1932 and we are proud of our community involvement.

The school has a good reputation and is an important part of the local community. We have participated in many local initiatives and competitions.  A major strength of the school is its willingness to encourage children to take the initiative and organise fund raising events for charities of their own choice.

Lancaster Road is supported by parents, carers and volunteers and a number help regularly, generously giving of their time to help both in school and on educational visits.  Many parents and grandparents even came to the school themselves! We are very grateful for this support. Many parents and grandparents have taken advantage of our workshops to help support children’s learning.

We also have other professional visitors to support the curriculum studies in other areas including the School Nurse, Recycling Plant project workers and Fire Safety Officers.  Poets and artists have worked with our children and theatre and music groups regularly come in and give performances and host workshops.

We have close links with local secondary schools. As a school we understand the educational benefits that the wider community can offer the school and always welcome visitors into the school as well as organising a wide range of educational trips.

We run groups for parents in order to support their children’s learning. We also provide placements for students on work experience and trainee teachers and have links with the local secondary schools, Lancaster University and the Universities of Cumbria.

We are a member of the Children’s University.

Lancaster University students engage in project work through the LUSU.

The children and staff at Lancaster Road value the contribution made by all the people who work in our school. We hope that this attitude is reflected in the relationship between the children and adults. We expect the children to treat all those in our school with respect and courtesy.