Year 3 Don’t Call Me Sweet

D.K’s review of: Don’t Call Me Sweet
Author: Smriti Prasadam-Halls Angie Rozelaar
Genre: Fiction

There is a little cute sweet monster that doesn’t want to be called Sweet he wants to be called Scary. At the end he wants to be the sweetest monster so call him from now on Sweet.I love the little cute sweet monster because he looks sweet he’s really funny his eyes are scary yellow and he’s got blue furry fur.
The characters are: ogre,Sweet monster,mum monster,dad monster and his monster family they all love each over and help one another so it’s a proper loving family. I think that I will recommend the book from age 4 – 7.My favourite character is the little blue monster.The best part is when the little blue monster is caught by the horrible,ugly brown ogre.It’s a really super silly book.