Castle Head 2016

Children from Year 4 have enjoyed an overnight stay at Castle Head Field Study Centre in Grange.  They have taken part in different activities.  One group made shelters and tried to light a fire using a metal striker.  They then made cups of tea from lemon balm, oregano or mint from the kitchen garden.  Another group set traps, explored the environment for bugs and insects and discovered what the barn owls had been eating from their poo!  They caught a bank vole and a mouse!

Yesterday afternoon they had glorious weather and loads of fun rolling down hills and enjoyed their tea.  In the evening they took part in night activities following a night line trail whilst blindfolded and looking for animal prints and trying to work out what animal made them.

They all slept well – mostly!  Breakfast was excellent.  They are all packed and made their sandwiches for lunch.  The groups now doing what the other group did yesterday.