New School Building Delays

Our builders have worked really hard to get the new building ready for the start of the Autumn Term.  As you know this has proved impossible due to some unforeseen delays with furniture not being ready and one or two other delays.  These have been unavoidable but we are nearing the end point now and I think you can see that the new building is going to be a stunning addition when we finally get the keys.  The new entrance to school incorporates a covered external area as well as a large reception area.  The dry stone wall was a late addition to the project but, I am sure you will agree, is a major feature as you come into school.

The new hall will be used for PE, music and assemblies.  There are 6 new classrooms and 3 group rooms as well as a meeting room and a staffroom.  New toilets for boys and girls as well as disabled facilities mean that the school is ready for the increase in numbers that it will experience over the next few years.

The new nature area at the rear of the building is also taking shape.  The children have had a hand in designing this area and it will continue to be developed by them as well as used by them in the future.

Whilst the delay is frustrating the end result will give us a great deal more flexibility when added to our current building.

Once again I thank everyone for their patience during this phase of the school construction.