Official Opening Ceremony – Thursday 24th November 2016

We were honoured today by a visit from County Councillor Janice Hanson, Chair of Lancashire County Council, County Councillor Nikki Hennessy, Cabinet member for Schools and Bob Stott, Deputy Director of Education for Lancashire.  They came along to the official opening of the School.  The Chair of Governors, Mr Adrian Toulmin and CC Janice Hanson both spoke before unveiling the plaque which will sit proudly in the school entrance.  20161124_164319The guests included Governors, members of the Design & Construction team, personnel from Conlon Construction and friends and family of Mr Toulmin who has served the school on the Governing body for over 25 years, all three of his children having attended the school.

Staff members and the School Council joined us for lunch which was provided by Mr Norfolk, our School Cook.

All three of our special guests from Lancashire County Council mentioned how much they had enjoyed visiting and hoped that they would be able to come back soon.

The children from Year 3 performed a medley of songs from their recent topic on the Second World War and children from Years 5 and 6 spoke or read poems about how they were enjoying the new facilities.  Here are some of their thoughts: –

“Two years ago, when we were in Year 3, Mrs Gardner told us that the garden was going to be getting dug up.  We were not very happy, until she told us why.  We were happy to hear that some new classrooms were going to be built and that we would be the first ones to move in during Year 5”  Mia

The new part of the school took ages to build and we could not wait to see what it looked like.  We had to spend the first four weeks of this year in Mrs Maxfield’s room as it wasn’t quite finished.  We gazed across as the final bits of painting were completed and tarmac was laid on the new playground.  Ruby

Our first day in the new extension finally arrived.  I was very excited but somehow it wasn’t quite what I expected or hoped…it was even better than that.  Josh

I love the fact that we have a walk in cupboard that you can use as a shortcut to go into Mrs Billington’s room.  I also really like the new whiteboard because it is touch screen, so Mr Main hardly ever uses the lap top anymore.  Ashleigh

I like how the builders textured the extension, and how everything has been carefully positioned.  There is much more space in the new classroom, and it’s also fantastic that we each have  locker so that your bag and coat does not fall on the floor.  William

There are lots of fabulous features in the new building, like the carbon monoxide sensor and the magic windows. These windows in the ceiling can open with the touch of a button, but if it’s raining outside they are clever enough to lock so that nobody gets wet.  Susie

In my opinion, it took a long time for the new building to be completed, but it was definitely worth the wait.  Some amazing people worked on the project and used the best of their skills to put together a warm and well-constructed building to be enjoyed by children at our school for many years to come.  Jake