The Headteacher and Governing Body expect all children to adhere to agreed standards of appearance and to wear the school uniform.  This is to help develop a sense of belonging and community and is important when representing the school.

All logo school uniform can be purchased from Uniform & Leisurewear, 60 Euston Road, Morecambe, LA4 5DG.  Items can be ordered over the phone (01524 388355), via the website http://www.ualonline.com/product-category/schoolwear/morecambe/lancaster-road-primary-school/ or by calling into the shop.  If you choose to order over the phone or via the website you have the option of collecting from the shop or from school by arrangement.

Uniform Boys – Black or grey long or short trousers; red polo shirt or red logo polo shirt; green logo sweatshirt; grey or black socks; sensible black shoes – no black or coloured trainers.

Uniform Girls – Knee length black or grey skirt; culottes; trousers or pinafore dress; green gingham summer dress; green logo sweatshirt or cardigan; white or grey socks; grey tights; sensible flat black shoes – no black or coloured trainers.

PE Kit – Boys and Girls Black PE pumps; red round neck T-shirt or red logo T-shirt; black shorts; PE logo kit bag.

We encourage Velcro fastenings on shoes for the younger children until they can tie their own laces.  Boots are not allowed in school. Children that arrive at school in boots must bring a change of footwear or must wear their PE pumps.

Make-Up/Nail Varnish/Hair – Make up and nail varnish must not be worn.  Long hair should be tied back away from the face, no large hair accessories are allowed.  Fashion statement hair cuts such as Mohicans or tram lines are not allowed at school under any circumstances.

Jewellery – Jewellery including earrings, rings, necklaces and bracelets (including charity bands and braided bracelets) must not be worn in school.  Children may wear a small watch. Earrings must be removed on PE days due to the potential for injury to the wearer or other children. If earings cannot be removed or covered with tape then your child will be unable to participate in PE.

Religious Symbols – The wearing of religious symbols is a matter of personal religious conviction and is not related to the wearing of jewellery.  Headscarves may be worn but should be secure and easily removable in the event of an emergency. Turbans will be respected and not touched except by the wearer.  A patka is more suitable headwear for sports activities.

Labelling – all items must be labelled with your child’s name and class.  Named items are normally found within a day or so. We do have a lost property bin for any items that are found and cannot be returned to their owner.