Values Education

Lancaster Road is a ‘Values’ School

The Values were are all important and the children will be using them over the course of the year. However, we will be highlighting the chosen values more during each half term as illustrated below.

Autumn Term 1 – Respect, Responsibility and Cooperation.

Autumn Term 2 – Peace/Hope, Friendship and Unity.

Spring Term 1 – Love, Freedom and Caring.

Spring Term 2 – Understanding/Tolerance, Appreciation and Honesty.

Summer Term 1 – Courage, Trust and Thoughtfulness/Humility.

Summer Term 2 – Patience, Happiness/Simplicity and Quality.

A value is a principle that guides behaviour and a ‘values school’ evolves when the school thinks about positive values that are shared between everyone – children, staff, pupils and parents so that everyone is inspired to live expressing these positive values in their lives.

The aim of a ‘values school’ is to inspire pupils to be the best people and learners that they can possibly be.

We will be exploring what we mean by each of the values through Key Stage One and Two assemblies and in class with circle time activities and discussion. There are also lots of displays up in school celebrating our values.

Why Values Education?
Our School ethos encourages self disciplined and active learners.

Experience shows that Values education has a crucial role to play in encouraging children to think about the sort of person they may want to be.

It supports the development of the whole child as a reflective learner.

It is an approach to teaching and learning which underpins the way the school organises itself, develops good relationships and promotes positive human values.