Governing Body

The Governing Body meets at least once every term and Governors have responsibility for the running of the school, in consultation with the headteacher.

There are normally 4 types of Governors,  Parent, Staff, Co-opted and Local Authority.

The Headteacher is responsible to the Governors for the organisation, management and discipline of the school. Governors are elected to serve for a period of four years and the election process is managed in accordance with agreed LEA procedures.

At each termly meeting the Headteacher presents a detailed report to governors. Attendance at these meetings is recorded and shown below.  Committee meetings also take place termly for Buildings and Grounds, Curriculum, Staffing and Finance.  The Standards and Effectiveness Committee meet monthly and consists of the Chairs of the other committees.

The Chair of Governors is Mr Adrian Toulmin, a local businessman, who has been connected with the school for nearly 23 years.  All three of his daughters came through the school.

Name Category Appointed By Appointment Date End Date Committees Other establishments Governed Positions of Responsibility Attendance at Full Governors 2015/16 2016/17
Mrs D Taylor Local Authority 6 Nov 2014 5 Nov 2018 Curriculum/S&E Literacy/Chair of Curriculum 2/3 2/2
Mr P Bell Co-opted 26 Nov 2014 2 Mar 2018 Buildings/S&E Morecambe HS Chair of Buildings/Vice Chair of Govs 2/3 2/2
Mrs C Lucas Co-opted 2 Jul 2015 1 Jul 2019 Curriculum Numeracy/SEN 2/3 2/2
Mr A Bradley Co-opted 6 Nov 2014 5 Nov 2014 S&F 3/3 2/2
Mr A Toulmin Co-opted 21 Nov 2009 20 Nov 2017 S&F/S&E Chair of Govs/Chair of S&E/Chair of S&F/Child Protection 3/3 2/2
Mrs A Lawton Co-opted 16 Apr 2012 15 Apr 2016 Curriculum 3/3 2/2
Mrs S Billington Staff 9 Dec 2014 8 Dec 2018 Curriculum/S&F 3/3 1/2
Mr P Gabriel Headteacher 1 Apr 2008 All Committees Lancaster Road Nursery 3/3 2/2
Mrs A O'Neill Parent 21 Oct 2016 20 Oct 2020 Curriculum/S&F/Buildings N/A 2/2
Mrs J Clarke Parent 21 Oct 2016 20 Oct 2020 Curriculum/S&F/Buildings Lancaster & Morecambe College N/A 1/2
Mr N Riches Co-opted/Dep Head 2 Mar 2017 All Committees 3/3 2/2
Mrs S Batty Co-opted 2 Mar 2017 Curriculum Lancaster Road Nursery N/A 1/1
Mrs J McCarten Observer/SBM S&F Lancaster Road Nursery 2/3 N/A

S&F – Staffing and Finance                               S&E – Standards and Effectiveness

The observers are associate members of the Governing Body and do not have voting rights.

Register of interests:

Governors with a business interest:

Name Position held Company
Mr A Bradley Director First Call Contract Design & Management Ltd
Mr P Gabriel Father of owner In the Frame Photography

Governors with a family relationship:

Mr P Gabriel is the father of Mr A Gabriel (teacher).  Mr A Gabriel left in December 2016.