Year 1

About the Staff

 Miss Liver, Mrs Eccles and Mrs Rogerson are the Year 1 teachers  Mrs Rogerson is currently on maternity leave and Miss Johnson is covering her class. They are supported by Mrs Stevens, Mrs Liver and Mrs Henderson. This year we also have Mrs Kennedy and Mrs Zychowicz who support individual children.

 Introduction to the Year

 We have a busy year in Year 1. As part of our transition from Early Years to Year 1 the children’s learning gradually becomes more focused towards developing pupil independence. We begin each day with maths and literacy sessions which cover a wide variety of skills. In addition we also have the opportunity to learn through topic based activities and practical activities.

The autumn term topic will be Percy the Park Keeper.  We will be finding out about some local parks and how we enjoy these spaces.  Through the stories about Percy the Park Keeper we will discover the animals that live in parks and how seasons change.  As part of our topic work we will be developing our creative skills to produce collages, paintings and models. The second part of our topic will be linked more closely to our science topic.  We will be looking at animals that hibernate and the changes that happen to our parks in autumn and winter.

In spring our topic will be Pirates. We will be developing our geographical skills by looking at maps to find hidden treasure. We will be using atlases, globes and compasses as part of our geography work. Later on we will be looking at famous pirates such as Blackbeard and what life was like for pirates.  We will be linking to science and design technology to design pirate ships for our pirates.

The summer topic will be Dinosaurs. We will look at all the different types of dinosaur and when they may have lived and what they may have eaten! We will be finding out about Mary Anning and comparing Morecambe to Lyme Regis where Mary Anning found her fossils.

Things to know about Year 1

 PE takes place on a Thursday afternoon for 1L and a Friday afternoon for 1R. During the year children will learn dancing, gymnastics and team games. Children will need a full PE kit every week.

Reading records will be sent home daily and we would encourage children to read every night. Our library day is Monday and the children will need to bring their books on a Friday to be changed.

In Year 1 we encourage the development of good letter formation and neater handwriting.  We work closely with our parents on phonic activities. Our homework includes some phonic cards to help with consistency and accuracy.  Please support your child by encouraging them to sound out each word before attempting to read it.  If you have any questions please call in to discuss this with us.  This is a very important skill for Year 1 children to master.

If you would like to know more about our handwriting and phonic scheme please call in to speak to a member of the Year 1 team.